SNMMI Grants and Awards – Don’t Miss the Deadline

March Application Deadlines for Four Awards

  • 2018 Marc Tetalman Memorial Award: Established by the family and friends of Dr. Tetalman, and funded by the Education and Research Foundation for SNMMI, this award honors the research accomplishments of a young investigator who is pursuing a career in nuclear medicine. Application closes on March 21. $5000 award and plaque presented at SNMMI Annual Meeting
    Targeted audience:

    • Researchers in basic science applied to nuclear medicine.
    • Younger than 36 years old
    • No more than 7 years from having obtained certification in nuclear medicine or nuclear radiology, or in completing a PhD program.
    • Applicants may be nominated by a member of SNMMI or apply themselves.
  • 2018 SNMMI-TS Career Advancement Grant: This grant supports nuclear medicine technologists pursuing additional educational opportunities to advance their professional career. Application closes March 30. $500 grant for 13 people
    Targeted audience:

    • NMT and active member of SNMMI-TS
    • Sponsored by your SNMMI-TS chapter
  • 2018 ERF SNMMI-TS Bachelors or Masters Degree Completion Scholarship: The SNMMI-TS Bachelors or Masters Degree Completion Scholarship serves to support current nuclear medicine student technologists in a BS or MS nuclear medicine technology training program or nuclear medicine technologists who are pursuing a BS or MS degree related to their nuclear medicine careers. Application closes March 30. $4000 scholarship for 2 people
    Targeted audience:

    • Be currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s level or Entry-level Master’s program to advance his/her career in nuclear medicine.
    • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 grading scale.
    • Be an active member of the SNMMI-TS.
  • 2018 ERF SNMMI-TS Advanced Degree Program Award: The ERF SNMMI-TS Advanced Degree Award serves to support a student who is pursuing an advanced program to advance his/her career in nuclear medicine. This award is available to all advanced degree program. Application closes March 30. $5000 for one person
    Targeted audience:

    • Be currently accepted into an Advanced Degree Program
    • Be an active member of the SNMMI-TS

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